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Old 03-05-19, 23:08
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Default Article by Rick Forys - "Armor-Zona", April/May 2019 issue of "History in Motion"

As a member of the Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors Club I was most pleased with the coverage given our Club on our January, 2019 show. I was further pleased to see the showcase page given to the Canadian Ford truck as I am the person who owned it just prior to Ed McCawley purchasing it.

However, I was chagrined to see that the restoration was attributed to "a group of individuals from Wisconsin" which is not true at all. I purchased the truck from an individual located in a suburb of Toronto, Canada and had it shipped to Arizona. My crew and I, who are all from the Phoenix area, spent a year doing a complete frame-up restoration which resulted in a steady trophy winner both for me and now, for Ed.

I spoke with Ed today who apologized for the inaccuracy saying that he had given my name to Mr. Forys as the person who restored the truck. Mr. Forys never contacted me. I would have asked that he at least write that the restoration was performed by the previous owner, a local Club member, without mentioning my name. Doing just that would have made all the time, effort and money spent on it even more worthwhile.

The pictures show what the F-8 looked like the day I received it and, secondly, the results of my restoration of it. I was sorry to have to sell it!
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Old 04-05-19, 01:02
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Default Mistakes happen

I know Rick Forys and see him every year in Ohio covering our clubs event and will go out on a limb and say that this oversight/mistake was not intentional. Rick is really a stand up guy and puts in a good deal of effort snapping pics and writing articles for the MVPA subscription. Mistakes happen and I have to close by saying that is a fine looking 8 Cwt and a bit of a rare bird south of the border and that all those who stepped up in its restoration and upkeep should be saluted.
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Old 04-05-19, 01:22
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'40 Ford F8, 4 x 2
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Default Reply by Mr. Forys

Got the following very nice reply from Rick:

"Hello Mr. Price,

Thanks for being an MVPA member and magazine reader! I truly am sorry for the confusion, as we always make our best efforts to get everything right. However when provided non-historical information about a particular vehicle, (stuff you canít verify in a book) you basically have to take the owner at his word. I totally understand your disappointment, as I would be too, but have a small issue with the stated course of events. I never met Ed at the show but found his card in the truck and called him. We talked two or three times and I tried to press him on the restoration but he couldnít give me hard information, and the line you quoted was verbatim from my notes, which were fairly detailed."

"Itís too bad these trucks donít come with a log book in the glove box listing all the previous owners & info. Until then all we can do is ask questions and keep digging for the truth. Iím sure going to try to get out there again sometime. It was a good show and a good time, and it would be great to be able to meet you and see what you are working on."

I did post to MLU the progress of my restoration of the F-8;check it out.

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