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Old 18-04-10, 10:44
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Default Exhaust?

Anybody got a set of MKII carrier exhaust boxes for sale.
I'm thinking of getting a set made out of stainless to stop the upright condensation corrosion problem.
Anybody done this before?

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Old 18-04-10, 11:44
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hi barry, I havernt made any as yet but I fitted a couple of NOS ones and it was interesting to note that there are two small holes about 1/8" from memory in each pipe at the bottom of the pipes just before they bend upwards from underneath the carrier to allow for water drainage. I am also interested in getting a set made, I think exhausts are all the same on all Mk's of carrier ?.
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Old 19-04-10, 14:49
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Clives Hughes had a number of sets made up in stainless steel about 5 or 6 years ago but they are long gone.
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Old 19-04-10, 15:10
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Richard Harrison
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if i had one to work from i could get some made up no sweat, a pal of mine builds bike engined caterham's he has a full custom exhaust making outfit he will be doing my tanks when the time comes, but if I had an exhaust which could be sacrificed then i could give it to him to use as a pattern, iam sure the left and right cans are both the same its the top drop over pipes that are different ?
is mos redintegro

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