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Default Starting Up My 19-Set Mk III Cdn

Well, 15 years have gone by since this 1944 RCA Canada product was last active, and things turned out very well this afternoon, when the electrons were once again turned loose.

First step was to ensure my CPP-2 Power Supply was set to 12 Volts and properly hooked up to my DC Distribution System. Next was to properly connect the power cable from the 19-Set PSU to the Distribution System. Set the meter to LT to read the PSU output and flicked on the Dynamotor. First bit of pleasure was seeing the red indicator lamp glow. The Dyno gave a brief squeak initially and took perhaps 20 seconds to come up to full speed. The meter initially showed 10 volts output, came up to just over 11 after a couple of minutes and settled in at just under 12 after 5 minutes. I then switched over to the Vibrator.

Same red glow from the indicator lamp and a much quieter hum from the PSU. The meter read just over 11 volts initially and settled in at 12.5 volts after 5 minutes. So far so good. HT1 meter reading was spot on spec for both Vibrator and Dynomotor. HT2 was spot on for the Dynamotor.

After 5 minutes, I switched the IC on in Vibrator mode. The meter dipped to 10 volts briefly and came up to 12 volts. Then flicked on the B-Set after another 5 minutes. Same response on the meter. Another 5 minutes and on went the A-Set. Same meter readings. I let the set idle in this mode for another 10 minutes and started to get that warm varnish, electrical smell wafting from under the canvas cover.

I then switched off the three components on the transceiver and noticed the meter reading for the Vibrator was reading 14 volts under no load. Brought the three components back on line and the meter settled in right at 12 volts. I then installed the Dummy Load, turned off the B-Set and hit the pressel switch. Happy Dance. The mike and earphones were in good working order, and the Dynamotor kicked in just as it should. Switched back to the Dynamotor on the PSU and let it run another 5 minutes. Meter was reading just under 12 volts with all three components in standby. When the three components were switched off, the meter was showing just under 13 volts. So far so good.

Now I just have to refresh my memory on use of the Crystal Calibrator, test it and tune in an appropriate frequency for next Saturday.

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