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Default Green Fields Beyond released


For those with a passion for military history, David Finlayson has just published his 'Green Fields Beyond: A Biographical Honour Roll of the Australian Light Horse, 1939-1947, & Australian Armoured Corps 1941-1947, & Royal Australian Armoured Corps post-1947'. It lists every fatality in war and peace, along with a short biography of each. Great reference book, plenty of images in support of the text. B5 size hard back, 388 pages, semi-gloss, good quality paper. Not sure of price, but to obtain/purchase a copy, contact Major John Baines at the RAAC Head of Corps office via e-mail .

This book is not perfect (what book is?), mostly because some of the image captions are a bit ordinary (ACV = Armoured Communications Vehicle, for example), but an invaluable reference for anyone interested in Australian armoured corps history and Australian military history in general.

And before anyone asks, yes, I get a mention in the credits, and no, I have no financial or any other interest in the book's sales.

Mike C

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I have been flicking through it slowly. Good read.

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