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Old 27-12-18, 00:57
Bruce Parker Bruce Parker is offline
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Default E-Bay item (just don't hover over the bid button)

Maybe it's worth every penny:
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Old 27-12-18, 07:37
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
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it's been relisted, no buyer first time around.
check out his other auctions!

I guess this is what can happen when you legalize pot
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Old 27-12-18, 13:03
Matthew P Matthew P is offline
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Free postage! What's not to love?

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Old 28-12-18, 01:11
Ken Smith Ken Smith is offline
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For that price I would want him to fly me there first class and return to pick it up, and he can hand it to me personally. I wouldn't trust that much money with anyone else.

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Old 28-12-18, 03:34
rob love rob love is offline
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The ridiculous price is not his fault. He, like so many Canadians, realize that our dollar is now in free fall thanks to our airhead PM who believes the economy will take care of itself, and that massive deficits in perpetuity are OK, as long as we still have a 4 star credit rating.

If it takes more than a few weeks to sell this map, the poor fellow will be lucky to buy lunch with the proceeds.
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Old 28-12-18, 10:53
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kevin powles kevin powles is offline
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I’m sure the pill box study group here in the uk would want that.

The seller is serious with the auction starting price, I messaged him to check his decimal point was correct.
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Old 07-01-19, 00:39
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Robert Bergeron Robert Bergeron is offline
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Free or best offer . Epay has reached a new low ..
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