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Old 27-01-08, 07:46
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Default short engine mounts

I have installed a flathead into my LP2 and am having trouble getting the water pump outlets to line up with the radiator. All the pumps I have have the same height lugs as each other, so I am wondering if my mount is the correct type. Currently the outlets on the water pump are about 25mm lowwer than the radiator outlets, the engine mounts I got from Mac's auto parts to suit a Mercury, having been told they were the same. Can anyone assist or at least quote the height of an original mount?

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Old 27-01-08, 09:40
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G'day Rob,

My opinion, without pictures of your fitment issues, is that the problem is not with your water pumps but rather with your radiator.

Read Mystery Radiator , this may help you out.

There are however different ( and therefore incorrect ) waterpumps, but they will only fit earlier or later motors, so I'n pretty sure that this won't be the problem.

Hope this helps.

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Old 28-01-08, 13:50
Rob Dyba Rob Dyba is offline
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Thanks for the link Pedr, my radiator prior to cleaning was yellow & as far as overflow etc.. appears IDENTICAL to the first pic loaded by Eric, has middle offset bottom outlets (picture 2) with 2 drains but no top bracket.. . So it appears it is a Blitz tropical, and that's why it does not line up with the engine. Anyone want a Blitz radiator, will swap for a carrier unit in rebuilt condition......???

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Old 31-01-08, 05:07
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If I can remember right I think I read someware that There was a mercury car with truck type pump mount but that they are a little different in hieght. Are your new pumps for a car or truck? If a truck pump they are all the same.
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