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Old 08-06-19, 09:41
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Default A veteran Singer Sewing Machine

Hello All,

I walked into the local saddler to get an extra hole added to a new belt because it was too loose. Just inside the doorway was an old Singer sewing machine. It looked out of place where it was positioned so it raised my interest. I asked the owner what the story was with the old Singer?

They promptly told me that they had just bought and installed a brand new high capacity sewing machine. The old Singer was now surplus to requirements and was up for sale. I asked "how much"? Then I braced myself because I have been researching the value of these machines. When the said how much they wanted I thought I did not hear the value correctly and so I asked them to repeat it. After they confirmed the amount I pulled out my wallet and said "Sold".

I bought the machine last week and picked it up today. In the past couple of days the machine has been cleaned, tested and adjusted, so it is fully functional. It was one of those right places and the right time occasions.

I just checked online and the machine is a 31K47 Model and its serial number puts the machine as being made in 1942.

Another military restoration site mentions the following about the 31K47 Accessed 8th June 2019 from,

WWII Singer Industrial machine Class 31K47 This maybe of interest to some, here's my WWII Class 31K47 Singer industrial sewing machine, this is a walking foot model, and was the work horse of WWII, this machine was used to make uniforms webbing items and light leather goods. Singers even made a special model 31SV52 (SV + special variety) which was dropped by parachute on D-day, to be used by Rigger units to repair equipment in the combat zone.

I bought the machine so I can sew my own upholstery - seat covers - for some of my restoration projects. The thought that I could be buying a machine 2 years younger than my 1940 Chevrolet Holden Cabin MCP General Service Truck did not even cross my mind! It's funny how somethings turn out!

Here is the link to the Singer Sewing Machine Serial Numbers. Serial Number ED-202.378 to ED-232.773. Made in 1942

Now I just have to learn how to sew!

Kind regards
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Default It is a disease

In the last six or eight years, my wife has returned to sewing and quilting. She concentrates on a particular Singer model at the other end of their capacity spectrum. There are enough plants, models, years, variations, colours (yes!), accessories, and cases to make the head spin.

Like you sometimes fortune favours the bold. She has gotten good enough with the machines to now run clinics and teach simple projects on those machines. A lady arrived and unpacked her estate sale find. It was like she'd rode in on a unicorn. That $50 bargaining success has a free arm for doing cuffs and collars, and is the prize every Singer Featherweight collector hopes for. When she laid out the accessories, my wife said, 'if you've got a xxxxx, I'm going to throw up. Do you know how hard it is to find any of those?' No, but she won't sell it for $50 to the next owner!
Terry Warner

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Default Try this site for quick ID.....

the 31K47 is illustrated
Bob Carriere....B.T.B
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