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Old 20-09-19, 16:24
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Default CMP carburator

We are looking for a C907 Autoline carburator.
It is for a Chevrolet 235 engine, other part numbers:
7002051, 7003864, 7004468, 7004476, 7013029, R1B.
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Old 20-09-19, 17:19
rob love rob love is online now
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A number of them on ebay if you use any of the part numbers you have listed. Here is a reasonable priced rebuilt example....they go up from there:
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Old 20-09-19, 20:35
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Default Comments on Carbs from E-Bay

Hi Gilles

Prices on E-Bay for the carbs that fit the 261 and 235 Chevy engines vary all over the place, today's range $34.00 to $700.00 pretty wide range. When I was looking I just kept watching and found one for the 235 and one for the 261 within couple of days both listed as NOS for around $50 each.

When I got them yes they did appear to both be NOS, actually in original boxes. No scratches or burred screw heads. But neither worked quite right, I happened to have a 235 engine on the test stand at the time. I carefully disassembled them and matched the parts to parts sheet turned out both were missing a small ball check valve. Once those were installed from rebuild kit they both function perfectly. They have been in use on two of my trucks now for 5+ years.

I suspect they reason they were put back in the box and put on the shelf in some dealer was they didn't work right to begin with.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
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Old 21-09-19, 00:11
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Default Canada Parts available

I got mine, a remanufactured in vacum pack frtom my local Lordco parts for $300 Canadian with our club Discount.
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