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Default Tank hunter carrier 'THE MISSING LINK'

I Came across a photo in the October 1981 addition of the Airfix magazine.

Much to my suprise it had a feature entitiled 'the flame thrower story'. It went on to talk about the Canadian experimental design called the 'Barracuda' and featured the following photo (IWM-MH23173).

This is clearly a 2 pounder carrier minus its gun, and superstructure mount.

I have read from a couple of source's that the 2 pounder carriers were converted to standard carrier configuration, used for airfield defence or used for training. This photo provides evidence that in part this was not the case, firstly i dont believe the 100 carriers were converted back to standard engine cover design etc, there are to many examples left featuring the curved engine cover today. This 'tank hunter' carrier has been used for the experimental flamthrower. This is the only photo of a tank hunter I have seen after the guns were removed.

I have added a pic of a 'tank hunter' to compare.

All carriers should have featured this engine cover design, It makes for much more room in the back!. you can go from one side of the carrier to the other without getting your head shot off!.

What a stroke of luck finding this picture.

Very exciting
Attached Images
2pdr Tank Hunter Universal Carrier 1942 registered 11/11/2008.
3" Mortar Universal Carrier 1943 registered 06/06/2009.
1941 Standard Mk1 stowage Carrier, Caunter camo.
1941 Standard Mk1 stowage Carrier, light stone.
10 cwt wartime mortar trailer.
1943 Mk2 Daimler Dingo.
1943 Willys MB.
1936 Vickers MG carrier No1 Mk1 CMM 985.

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