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Old 12-05-14, 05:02
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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Default Canadian dehavilland mosquito restoration project

Thought I would bring you all up to date on this amazing project. A milestone month for the project in April when the engines came back to life after several decades.

Fingers crossed it will be in the air once again later this year!

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Old 12-05-14, 05:52
Harry Moon Harry Moon is offline
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Its a beautiful plane and looking forward to seeing her fly.
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Old 12-05-14, 14:04
Wayne McGee Wayne McGee is offline
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Spectacular achievement! Congratulations to all for their work so far.
Would love to see it taxi in front of my local BCATP hangars (Debert)


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Old 12-05-14, 18:27
Alex van de Wetering Alex van de Wetering is offline
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Awesome! So, that should be the second flying Mossie than?
I was surprised to see pictures of a silver hull, but I presume that's some sort of protective paint for the wood?

Great work!
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Old 13-05-14, 03:08
Frank v R's Avatar
Frank v R Frank v R is offline
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great to see , that will make 2 in the air, there is one for sale down under with the restoration well under way, hopefully Kermit Weeks will get his in the air again some time soon, there is also hope for the one in Windsor, all it take is many bags of treasure ,
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Old 13-05-14, 14:32
Andrew's Avatar
Andrew Andrew is offline
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Wow great news. My father was a radio tech in ww2 in the RCAF and told me stories about them.
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Old 21-05-14, 16:25
George McKenzie George McKenzie is offline
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Default Mosquito Resoration

The Bentley Brothers in Vancouver BC were issued Timber berth # 1 to log Balsa wood off the Queen Sharlot islands to make the Mosquito bomber .They later went on to own Canfor Lumber Co .
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Old 25-06-14, 01:43
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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Default It's back in the air!

If you recheck the site back in Post #1, they have updated some still shots of the first flight back in late June. Hopefully some videos will be posted shortly.

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Old 25-06-14, 18:06
Jes Andersen Jes Andersen is offline
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Default Sitka Spruce

There was a lot of Sitka Spruce logged on Haida Qwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) during both the First World War and the Second World War. Areas on Massett Inlet and around South Moresby still show the evidence of that activity. Aero Camp on South Moresby had a large rail network to get the logs to tidewater. Some years ago, the Sandspit Inn had a large photo behind the front desk of a train crossing a trestle with one very large log on each car and a man on top to apply the car brakes when needed. At the end of WW1, much of the wood still in the booming areas was left to sink and rot away. The spruce for the Mosquito came from an area on South Moresby and a lake there is named Mosquito Lake. Probably for more than one reason.
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Old 10-07-14, 00:51
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some interesting info... man what a beautiful plane.. Thank goodness there are individuals with the money and resources to accomplish such restorations.

I have seen some neat photos of Mozzies landing in Toronto at the DeHavilland plant coming in low --very very low, across a city street.

I was also told wings were made at the motor torpedo boat plant in montreal as they had the skilled workers and materials (as they were building the wooden MTBs) to do the job.
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