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Default WW2 Canadian Recce Units - usage of Daimler Heavy Armoured Car

Hi all,

I am hoping someone out there can help, particularly in Canada.

last year in Normandy at the Canadian Cemetery, I was talking to two Canadian Recce Veterans about their usage of the Daimler Heavy Armoured Car.

It transpired that they were trying to find one to use as a Regimental Gate Guardian in Canada, but were having no luck in finding one.

I may well be able to point them in the right direction of one now, but I cant for the life of me remember which unit, or for that matter , how to contact them.

Could anyone who might have an idea let me know.

Many thanks,

Andy Mitchell
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Old 06-07-15, 22:46
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There were only two Recce Regiments that served in Normandy that later used the Daimler Armoured Car.

7th Recce Regt (17th Duke of York Royal Canadian Hussars)

8th Recce Regt (14th Canadian Hussars)
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