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Old 14-11-08, 09:23
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Default Carrier speedo cable and choke cable.

Hi, Anyone got a speedo cable outer sheath, i have the cable part that rotates but need the entire sheath it runs in complete, 10ft plus long? . Also need a choke cable please. I have parts to trade or will purchase, both parts required for the Canadian Mk1 carrier. If another vehicle uses the same parts please let me know as it may make obtaining them easier i.e. DUKW or CMC ?. Many thanks kevin.
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Old 15-11-08, 03:18
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Dan Caldwell made me a complete speedo cable for my carrier last year. I got it installed this past summer and it worked great. The only thing is that it was a black plastic outer sheath instead of the metal one. He made the ends since they were an oddball size. The only thing I had to do was add a tinny shim to the female end of the cable where it attaches to the speedo as it slipped a bit.

I believe Dan or his brother Jeff are members here.

Check out their website
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