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Old 16-12-07, 10:56
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Default Would you buy a used Carrier form this man?

Much of the vehicles and equipment sold as surplus after the war was often bought back by the original manufacturer and reconditioned before being resold. There are numerous records of CMP trucks and carriers being bought back by Ford Aust and General Motors-Holden's, but this is the first picture I have seen of a Ford dealer reselling a Carrier. It is an LP2/2A and appears to have been marked as an Ambulance.

Currently on E-bay, item no 290191756586.
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Old 16-12-07, 11:56
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Default Curious

Judging by the 60s era cars in the background the era would be wrong for a Carrier to be disposed of through a dealership surely?
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Old 17-12-07, 12:20
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what the hell are these people selling. Reams and reams of blurb but no clear description. Perhaps if they deleted all that crap and explained that it was a one off, postcard size photo, they wouldn't need to explain all that b...s...

All in all, not a bad photo though. Looks like a second go around for that carrier. No front guards. It's an early hull - tools on side, Vickers plate over gunners position.

Wouldn't mind it if it was still at that yard.

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Old 17-12-07, 19:10
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Default post card

I don't think I would buy something from an outfit that has to have that much crap in their sales pitch. Must have had a lot of complaints. Remember ,(a crook thinks like a crook)
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Old 18-12-07, 07:52
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The carrier has what appeared to be a WW2 German cross painted on the side. It looks as if it has been painted over.

Could this carrier be the one used in the TV show 'The Sullivan' masquerading as a German tank/half track.
Maybe it is in the showroom as a curiosity/promotion.

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Old 18-12-07, 12:54
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Default new pics for sale

They are now listing more stuff, including a "3ton Ford Blitz" and heavy wrecker pics....well copies anyway. I agree Pedr, one of the most cluttered, confusing ads I've come across.
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