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Old 22-09-05, 13:12
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Default Tim Tam Ice Creams!!

You Aussies even get Wall's Tim Tam ice creams! Lucky barstewards!! I am currently researching for a book on Wall's vehicles so if you have any info on Wall's vehilces where you are, get in touch!
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Old 23-09-05, 02:16
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Bit hard to ship them to Canada.

First thing I did when I got to the UK on a business trip was to buy a Walls ice cream.

Ultimate comment from shop owner ( who by the way was a Pakistan gentleman) " easy to see that you are not from around here, Ice cream in winter" Still took my money.


Col Tigwell
Vietnam Vet and proud of it.
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Old 23-09-05, 05:08
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Actually, in Australia the brand is Streets' Ice Cream and they have been around for many years, until sold off overseas to Wall's. Streets' still trade under that name, but now use the Wall's logo.
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