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Default Aerogatineau 6,7 & 8 Sept 24

Heads up, and a word of caution.

The Cold War Collection was approached by the organizers (or maybe we contacted them first?). The collection's principle and Mr Potter have deep roots. Whenever we've attended, the crowds have enjoyed our displays. However, this year there were admonishments about shooting the oxy-acetylene Quad 50 Maxon on the M35 truck. What? That was the most fun part. "Shooting down" warbirds which trailed smoke in response. The organizer also gave us an unspecified threat warning about demonstrators.

After consideration, the Cold War Collection disinvited itself from Aerogatineau. Great lineup and three international display teams, plus warbirds, but they weren't especially openminded to grubby green army trucks and tanks, or us making noise. Oh well. Army Run two weeks later happily extended an invitation.
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