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Old 11-07-19, 08:50
Lynn Eades Lynn Eades is offline
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Default firearms law changes in NZ

Hanno, This is not vehicle related, but lots of guys who are into M.Vs. also have an interest in the associated weaponry. I hope I'm not over stepping the line.
I thought I would put up a few Facebook pages so that (in particular) the Canadians can pick up on what has / is happening over here in N.Z.

Pages are:
COLFO (Council Of Licensed Firearms Owners)
Firearm Owners United of N.Z.
Kiwi Gun Blog.

After the ChristChurch Massacre our Government, in its wisdom, put in place draconian new laws, with less than a days submissions, (which the select committee chose from- including an Australian surgeons group)

Any rifle that holds more than 10 rounds, or a shotgun that holds more than 5 cartridges, is now a prohibited firearm.

With the U.N. pushing from behind and having heard a podcast of a Kiwi being interviewed in Canada on this subject, it seems to me that you guys could be soon put through a similar grinder.

There is no real clarity from the Govt. as they are still coming up with stuff.

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So many questions....
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Old 11-07-19, 10:29
Hanno Spoelstra's Avatar
Hanno Spoelstra Hanno Spoelstra is online now
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Originally Posted by Lynn Eades View Post
Hanno, This is not vehicle related, but lots of guys who are into M.Vs. also have an interest in the associated weaponry. I hope I'm not over stepping the line.

No you're not, it is a relevant subject to our hobby.

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Old 11-07-19, 23:10
Bruce Parker (RIP) Bruce Parker (RIP) is offline
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Lynn, I have been following this and it is disgusting. A politically correct knee jerk reaction that goes after precisely the wrong people. To think you must turn in for destruction something like an M1 Garand you've safely and peacefully owned for decades is beyond crazy. On the other hand I hear compliance is a problem and it may cost a great deal more than they anticipated with less than expected results.

I do heed your warning for us here in Canada. We currently 'enjoy' a progressive, urban hippie government that would copy what's happening to you in a heartbeat. Already they're floating gun bans as a cynical, fear monger-vote buying scheme for our upcoming election.

Sometimes I think there is an agenda with the corresponding legislation all written just waiting for the right event
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Old 12-07-19, 03:56
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Ganmain Tony Ganmain Tony is offline
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Default Look at what happened in Australia

In particular NSW.

You can't even own a stick that might look like a gun without extremely time consuming permits and of course....fees.

These fees pay for a new Govt Department full of deeply ignorant, coffee drinking, time wasting, tax absorbing, desk jockeys.

My advice - either - bite down and fill out the paperwork that will come.

Buy the new storage safe that the new rules will expect you to have.

Receive the storage inspection police on your place as you would the Gestapo

Pay, pay, pay all through the process

OR - take them up the back paddock and bury them.

It'll come Lynn - the NZ govt now have the mandate that they need.
Pax Vobiscum.......may you eat three meals a day & have regular bowel movements.
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Old 12-07-19, 05:31
Ron King Ron King is offline
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the paddock option incurs no inspections, or on going costs.
I find a joke is the fact when I was a kid, no one though twice of me as a 12year old walking around with a .22 knocking off rabbits.
Now as stated a bit of wood or plastic that may look like a gun must have a orange bit of paint on it to show its not or you will be locked up.
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Old 12-07-19, 07:01
motto motto is offline
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I grew up in the same world you did Ron.
A time when if you were over 18 yo you could legally walk into a sports store and walk out with a self loading .22 or 12 gauge.
The various sickos have given the authorities all the justification they need to disarm the average citizen or severely restrict access to firearms and yet we have more shootings than ever.
All of this has been foreseen and even planned. A gun dealer friend of mine was at a meeting with government officials many years ago and one of the officials stated,'What about you Mr XXXX, in event of public unrest you could arm a large number of people'.
My friend didn't ask the obvious question. What are you planning that will cause civil unrest?
We have since found out. Nothing stresses a population like the sacred cow called multiculturalism being rammed down your throat. Welcome to the globalist utopia.

Hell no! I'm not that old!

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