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Default The first 1946 Model Chevrolet cars

I am starting a new thread.

This is my best shot so far at CMP commencement dates:

Production of CMP 15-cwt. 4 x 2 trucks allegedly started in April 1940, although early March is probably correct, followed by 8-cwt. 4 x 2 May 1940, 30-cwt. 4 x 4 and 3-ton/60-cwt. 4 x 4 also in May, the Field Artillery Tractors in June, then the 15-cwt. 4 x 4 in September 1940. However, drawings dated 4 April 1940 for the designs of ‘Conveyor Line Saddle’ for F.8 and F.15 and the ‘Quad’ F.-G.T. were as per the final assembly at Windsor. This seems to prove that Ford 8-cwt. and 15-cwt. 4 x 2 production and Ford Gun Tractor 4 x 4 started in March. Other evidence suggests that Chevrolet C.15 4 x 2 production started in early April and C.8 trucks at the end of April or at the beginning of May, with the other Ford units starting production in April, save for the F.60S. It is possible that the remaining Chevrolet units went into production in May, though there is no evidence as yet either way. That said, the ‘Instruction Book: Driving Maintenance Repair’ for DND vehicles printed in March 1940, which is possibly the very first publication apart from the Workshop Manuals, states that the then models were:

8 cwt. 4 x 2 [C.8 and F.8]
15 cwt. 4 x 2 [C.15 and F.15]
30 cwt. 4 x 4 [C.30S and F.30S]
3 ton 4 x 4 [C.60S and C.60L; F.60S and F.60L]
3 ton 6 x 4 [F.60H]
F.A. Gun Tractor 4 x 4 [C.-G.T. and F.-G.T.]

Note that the 30-cwt. was the C./F.30S, and that the 6 x 4 Ford was a debut model. This would seem to suggest that all of the listed trucks went into production in March, but this cannot have been the case, and the books were printed in readiness for distribution just as all of the models became available for delivery to the DND
We know the exact dates for British-order CMP commencement: Ford of Canada started production of their British orders on August 26th 1940, and GM of Canada on September 3rd 1940.

As regards the last CMPs, a letter dated September 11th 1945 from the Minister of Munitions and Supply to General Motors of Canada stated that wartime production would be ending in a few days thereafter. The Ford of Canada plant in Windsor went on strike supposedly on September 12th. Dearborn went on stike on the 15th, aggravated by Kelsey Wheel going on strike.

However, we know that by Friday September 7th 1945 there had been massive lay-offs at Oshawa, then Ford and Chrysler advised employees of their lay-offs as well. If we say that the last known Ford assembly date was September 4th, then Ford must have wound-up CMP assembly around the 12th, and GM about the same time, with presumably C8A assembly trickling on at the end.

The first 1946 car was assembled on Tuesday October 30th 1945. I have yet to find a date for Fords but one source suggests announcement in August 1945.

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Default 1946 Models

The 1946 US Chevrolets began production on October 3rd, 1945. The GM strike began in November and was over by March. However Oshawa had to re-tool which took them until as we know, October 30th.

The 1219 Stylemaster was the first off the line. You may like to know that Canadian CKD production for 1946 Model Year started April 22nd 1946, after the strike. The last CKD (for Australia possibly NZ as well) 1945 Models were sent out in September '45.

The # 1 car, which would have been 6121900001, was driven off the line on October 30th by Private Vern Bowen?, a GM employee who had lost an arm whilst serving with the Canadian Army in Italy. The car was presented to the Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver and was to be equipped with driving aids (for ampuation and paralytic cases) so that it could be used to train injured servicemen to drive again. I have now purchased the magazine page from THE GARAGE OPERATOR December 1945 issue with its photo.

We know from a plate that the first cars were indeed model 1219 sport sedans:

MODEL 1219
SERIAL 6121900024
ENGINE 100015
TRIM 391

So, the 15th engine, in the 70th body, and 24th off the line.

These are the officially available models with dates:


1027 COUPE

1227 COUPE

E.g. 61211111718 ENGINE 131,584 BODY 1683
E.g. MODEL: 12-19 SERIAL: 6121901978 ENGINE: 105058 TRIM: 391 BODY SERIAL: 1957 PAINT: 641

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Default The last CMPs

Excuse me for digging-up an old thread but this one deserves to be, as a result of re-assessment of information. As I am writing about the Slough CMD (see VINTAGE ROADSCENE magazine issue 120, and forthcoming issue 122), and GM Ltd in Bamber Bridge (will be in VRS123/124) and Cleckheaton (VRS125?) I have been re-considering the evidence as to the closure of the GM operations. I have written on another thread:

Consolidation by movement of all Canadian vehicle cases was completed by 31st October (1945) into the Slough and Manchester dumps plus Pearson’s. The last Canadian-order vehicles assembled by Citroen’s was on 25th September and Pearson’s on 8th October 1945, whilst a further 5,971Canadian vehicles were in the three dumps. Pearson’s presumably incorporated British-order vehicles as well. A few “passenger cars” which probably meant Chevrolet C8A eight-cwt HUP CMPs, were still to be received and all of these had not been received by December 1945 [the last Canadian contract being CDLV 3619], and so the M of S arranged for uncrating and assembly in one of their plants that they were keeping going for some time: Lep Transport in Chiswick had ceased assembly in 1944, and in Goole sometime in 1945. ...
So, where did these final vehicles go to for assembly? GM Ltd's wartime reconditioning facility was wound-down in 1945 and vacated by early June n1946. However, the other vehicle reconditioning facility that had been an assembly operation up to December 1941, Bamber Bridge, near Preston, was used until spring 1947. It is possible that they took on the MofS assembly work. However the identity is not recorded in the DND papers. I have often been puzzled as to why Bamber Bridge carried-on so long. Long enough in fact to send men down to Southampton in mid-1947 to set-up a parts disposal and demobbed (and contract) vehicle refurbishment operation. Perhaps that's the answer? In the absence of any indication as to when Leps ceased all war work, that's the best that I can come up with at the moment.
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