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Default Modelling books

I am replying to Alex on another thread because he is evidently psychic and read my mind! I have put a suggestion out on which is a British-based but internationally read set of forums for modellers. It does seem that there is a demand for a book that will enable modellers to study and produce their scale scratchbuilts. A friend of mine, Dave Cox is writing a book on how to model military vehicles and he has done some CMPs...I was impressed when I went to see him.

It occurred to me to ask whether blueprints still exist, perhaps in the CNA, Ottawa? Something along the lines of the drawings in Dr Gregg's book would be useful I would suggest but is there any hard copy out there with dimensions on?

As to distribution in Benelux, I believe we have just resolved that tiny query today. I want to sell everywhere and we need therefore more distributors apart from Canada and Benelux and the UK. Are there any US readers of MLU? What about Australia...could you handle Bob M?
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