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Old 18-08-13, 23:26
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Default OMVA Executive future

Dear All,

I am writing this in the hopes that we can have some succinct discussion.

I and a few others are contemplating offering our services but it would be useful to know what role the OMVA should take in the new computer age of our hobby.

In our house we have a secretary and membership body and an executive position function available.

I would love to hear what others want out of the OMVA in the future.


Robin & Jan
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Old 19-08-13, 02:18
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Default OMVA Executive

We should stop worrying about the Executive of the OMVA.

I have taken over the Membership job, and the Treasurer. The membership position was, for a long time handled well and up until last September I had no problems with it. After that date I couldn't get lists to use at the Shows or information. Then the position was abandoned And I ended up with it.
Now things are in order and we are moving along. Two offers have been received to do membership but I would like to have a guy with time on his hands that doesn't have a busy daily schedule.

The Vice President position is now handled by the reliable John Tatham.
He asked to assist, I told him the job was open and he took it.

I am doing the Treasurer job and it will stay that way. The year end statement will be available to any interested member. Our Bank was in a
bad way and it two weeks to straighten it out. We had a signing authority
that had not been a club member for years.

I also had to hire a lawyer to update the Charter.

Any way stop worrying about the Club. The website is gone because it was hopelessly out of date and not kept up. One day we may have another.

It appears Eric will keep doing the magazine three times a year, before each Show.

Peter Simundson
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Old 19-08-13, 15:16
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Default executive


Robin is correct in that we need some feedback from members about what they want to see.

This is the correct venue for that and i encourage feedback.

With that the members also need to know that if they come up with some great ideas, then they might be the ones that would require stepping up to the plate to help implement them.

My stance has not changed, i still demand a functioning executive by Dec. This does not include one or two persons performing all of the roles of the executive.

Peter has previously indicated that he wanted to step down at the end of the year. To be fair to Peter he is the orginal founding President and he is still active after all of these years.

Peter single handed saved the OMVA from extinction when he sorted out the banking and paperwork. THANK YOU

I can understand why Peter would like to retain control of the Treasurers Position.

With that if Peter steps down at the end of the year we would still require a President.

John is now Vice President

We still need a Membership Coordinator.

I do not support the executive performing more than one role, as it increases work load and reduces volunteers at events.
However it can be acceptable i.e. President/ treasurer, Vice President/ Web Master etc. but never more than two roles.

I imagine the web page coming back once we are fully up and running and we have a volunteer to work on it.

We still require a change of blood, eventually including that of CMP Editor.

Otherwise we are stuck in the status quo.


Collecting data on the WW2 Canadian jeep and trailer.
Serial, WD Numbers etc.
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