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Old 22-05-23, 03:30
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Default Dayton Fair Radio fest

Anybody want some ex-mil radio equipment ? ... last weekend at Dayton OHIO
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Old 28-06-23, 22:53
Bob Phillips Bob Phillips is offline
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Great photos, thanks for posting. In reality though, far and away more old obsolete "stuff" than there will ever be buyers.
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Old 28-06-23, 23:07
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Terry Warner
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I Goofle searched back to whoever posted the photo gallery. He has a shop with old radios.
Terry Warner

- 74-????? M151A2
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Old 30-06-23, 03:38
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Default I hope my keyboard is water proof......

....or drool proof......

What a collection......... is there such a thing as radio junkies like gambling addicted people.......

I did see a very clean 19 set....

...and a SX 99 Hallicrafter and an older Hal. previous model....... I have both from my Dad..... but sadly not the transmitter...... my Dad used VE2 VAC and VE 2 BNN was the local bike shop owner....... Bedo...NeyNen.... NeyNen pronounced with a French accent.....or CQ CQ CQ VE2... Victor ... Alpha..... Canada......the proper phonetics was hardly used....... I remember falling asleep to the sound of my dad calling from the next room.... also listening to the first Beep Beep of the Sputnik in 58........

Correction....... It was VE3 BNN and was used by one of the teachers ( Christian Brothers) from LaSalle Academy, my school, On Sussex Drive in Ottawa..... E. Carbonneau...... this is according to the AM radio archives of the 1955 call listings....... there is a possibility that my dad was a pirate and coined is own call signs as I can't find any records in the archives of VAC......

My Mom was mad at my dad for weeks for buying a dump truck load or radios 50/50 with a radio friend of his....... they dumped the truck load...unceremoniously in our back yard............ bunch of 19 sets and aircraft set with two sets of red. blue. yellow tuning knobs.. huge aircraft carburator.... etc.........
...... all for $75

Part were removed/salvaged with cutters and given to me to unsolder the remaining pig tails....... the electric soldering iron was about 2 pounds 110v and I used a drinking straw to blow the solder out of the mounting points holes.... I was not even a teenager yet...... 1955 +- .....lead fume poisoning was not a concern at the time.....

Was that child labour???? may not apply as I was enjoying it.....

The good old days.
Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario

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Old 30-06-23, 17:42
Bruce MacMillan Bruce MacMillan is offline
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As their ad says, Fair Radio have been around sinced 1947. I have bought from them over the decades with mostly WW2 and early cold war stuff. Prices are rising due to supply & demand. For those trying to repair radios and missing THAT part give them a shout. They have an endless back room full of bits.

The poster Nick England, has an amazing collection of navy radio equipment as well as a library of online manuals and info.
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