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Default A510 jungle radio set

I found a interesting write-up on the AWA A510 set. The main page: with many reference links to documents

I had no idea about how much field research and effort was put into building this little radio set. During the design phase AWA sent two engineers up to Malaya and with senior army signals officers providing assistance, , the prototype sets underwent 'in field' testing. I can recall when Aussie Disposals stores had many of these sets for sale. The sets still turn up ( at inflated prices ) on the usual sites and they are usually missing most of the accessories.

I did have a A510 adjustable dipole wire antenna, these were made using a high quality multi-strand phosphor bronze wire and they are a very strong/robust antenna, the resonant length is changed by connecting linked sections together.

I have seen one of the hand generator sets for the A510, a rare accessory , housed in a square shaped die-cast box with a integral handle, these may have been built as a 'prototype' for field trials only.

I read somewhere that these sets were purchased by the U.K., N.Z. and South Africa. Can anybody confirm this ?

The official documents indicate that these sets were still on issue in Aust. army units as late as 1967, the sets probably lasted into the 1970s with reserve units or school cadet units. The sets were available to buy in disposals stores in the early 1980s. A ham friend told me he used these sets when he was taking part in CMF ( army reserve ) camps in the late 1950s , he took along ham band xtals and had a few contacts with fellow hams while on official army business.

More info has come to light.

Dave P. found a publication that reveals the set was declared obsolete by 1966 ( or 69 ? ) , in regular units anyway. It was replaced by a set that was considered by some to be inferior.

Dennis S. writes: The A-510 is definitely known to have served with distinction along side Australian forces in
South Vietnam, AT LEAST until it's probable replacement by the U.S. PRC-64 beginning in
late 1965.
I am thinking there would have been a relativley small Aust. army contingent in S.V. before 1966 ?

At least one set has ended up in Europe
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