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Default 19-Set Mk III Canadian Upgrade

This WS No. 19 Mk III Canadian, is an RCA Canada Limited product built in 1944. It was one of over a dozen 19-Sets I had accumulated back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s as part of a quest to find a suitable set for the 1944 WIRE-5 CMP I was restoring at the time. It was by far, the nicest looking of the bunch but did need some internal work to bring it back to life, but not too much and I had lots of parts available back then.

A few things did elude me, however, and it was only in the last five years I finally found the last three items I needed to update on the set. Fortunately, all three are basically external fittings, though the PSU must be pulled from its case to accommodate changing two items out; the Crystal Calibrator and the Variometer Seating Plates No. 4.

The Seating Plates I had were a damaged item. Somebody had decided to make installing the F-Rods easier by removing the upper square brown phenolic isolating plate and chopping off the front half of that upper metal support bracket. A really dumb idea in its day.

When I first assembled this 19-Set, I lacked the wooden Plate that fits between the Variometer and the Seating Plates No. 4. I since found an oak one and it will be painted and finally installed.

The only functional Connectors, 12-point I had back then for between the set and the Control Box 3B on the Carriers No. 23 was a late edition rubber one, which to me, although it worked perfectly, never looked right with all the other wire loomed connectors. A working, good condition Connectors, 12 Pt No. 1E has now been found and will be swapped into the set.

The Crystal Calibrator was another item that although it worked, had been badly repainted in NATO Green and all original markings lost. The cases for the PSU and Set were badly worn on the exterior, but solid, so I ended up painting them the same green as my M38Cdn because that colour was close to the green on the calibrator. Such was life back then.

I now have a complete Crystal Calibrator with original paint and markings to go with the set.

Sometimes the phrase, ‘Slowly we make progress.’, REALLY gets stretched.

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WS No. 19 Cdn Mk III B.JPG   WS No. 19 Seating Plates No. 4  ZA 10314.JPG   Connectors, 12 Pt No. 1E. ZA 10323.JPG   WS No. 19 Crystal Calibrator.JPG  
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