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Old 05-05-08, 17:45
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Default Restoring my BSA M20

Hey gang!

I am new here, and am quite pleased to have found your site. More so, I have learned a few interesting restoration tips for my bike.

I am the proud new owner of a 1945 BSA WM20 motorcycle. Absolutely thrilled. I take delivery tomorrow and I can hardly sit still. She runs, and barely leaks oil, so very little engine work is needed (mostly cosmetic!) and I already have a painter lined and ready to go.

My intention is to paint it in Canadian colors and badging, specifically for the PPCLI in Europe. My understanding is the following will be done:

Base Color: #15 Olive Drab (consistent with 1944/1945 bikes in europe)

Both side of fuel tank, C number over top of a forward facing Division Mark:
1st Canadian Infantry Division

With the Unit Badge (60) in a light shade of green on the front Fender:

Placement's are based upon:


Anyone have any suggestions so I am somewhat historically accurate with my markings, and the correct placement for a PPCLI bike in europe in 1945?


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