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Default company roster SDGH 1945

Hi my grandfather was a member of the SDGH from Jan 1 1945 to his demob around Dec 1946. He participated in Operation Veritable. I have his service file some 300 pages however I cannot ascertain his company or platoon. His regt # C31603 Cavanagh.
The casualty mfm doesn't say or is blacked out.
He suffered from battle fatigue on March 18, 1945. Any help thanks.
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Default Company/Platoon research


I have no specific information on the unit, but I've been doing similar research (with no luck so far) for a great uncle. Aside from the usual research in unit histories, etc., here are some ideas on places that you may find this info, though in my experience, you will need a bit of luck to find a Coy and even more to find a Pl. Hopefully, you haven't exhausted all of these yet:

1. War Diary at LAC - some units preserved documentation on reinforcement drafts and Coy postings (though many did not)

2. Part I Orders - at LAC, or they may be at the unit archives or the local/provincial archive the unit may have given their copy of these documents to. As above, some units were better than others at tracking Coy postings here. Check the days and weeks after his arrival for initial posting and any moves within the unit.

3. Medical/dental records in personnel file - sounds like you have his entire file, see if you can find anything that dates from his time with the unit. Often just the unit, but Coy/Pl info may be noted (though I've had better luck with this in the UK than while in combat)

4. Personal letters - his address would typically indicate Coy

Good luck.
Kevin Lambie
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Default What happend Afterwards with W. R. Cavanagh?

Hello Darren,
I found W. R. Cavanagh in the list "Up the Glens". On March 3rd 1945 the battalion left Udem to participate in the Hochwald operation. I did not know the name of this operation was "Operation Veritable", so, we're always learning.

This is what I have in short of the Timeline of SD&G.
1945.02.27 Uedem was taken on February 27th 1945.
Hochwald Forest:
1945.03.03/11 Leaving Uedem to participate in the Hochwald Operation.
Reichswald Forest:
1945.03.11 The Battalion moved on troop carrying vehicles to the Reichswald for regrouping.
Back to the Netherlands:
1944.12.04 Trucks took parties of men to Nijmegen where urban delights relieved the monotony of rustic life in the Reichswald Forest.
Back to Germany - River Rhein:
1945.03.24 Rifle companies, Support Company and Tactical HQ-company embussed for crossing the river Rhein with Buffaloes -, and Proceeding to the marshalling area cast of Kalkar.

Can you tell me what happend with your uncle afterwards?
Did he go right away back home (and when?) or did he stay in a hospital in the Netherlands?
Did he came back in active duty in April or May 1945 again?
Was he at least until July 1945 in the Netherlands?
I have some pictures, made in Hilversum and when he WAS there between May 19th & June 14th 1945, it's possible he's in one of the pictures . . . although it's a small chance, but worth trying . . . I think.
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Default SD&G-Highlanders Brown, Picken and Wade in Utrecht Holland 1945

I'm searching for relatives of SD&G-Highlanders Brown, Picken and Wade.

A photo - made in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on June 6th 1945, before the Parade in the centre of the city - is showing 6 Glens in a Carrier.
The list with 5 names I have, are identified by Rank and not by Position.

By comparing the photo with another picture, I found the position of three Glens: DT Blakely C79060, WO Green C 48690 and Sgt DE Denny C54288.

Not in the list is one soldier, but it COULD BE Pte MA Picken E30443.

The other two are Pte's MG Wade and Brown. There were seven soldiers with the name Brown serving SDG, with the initials: AJ - GD - GW - HE - JF - JN and WA. So, I need some support to find out the right position of Brown & Wade in the Carrier.

It's also possible that these Glens are in a larger picture with 155 Canadian soldiers, made in Hilversum, early June 1945.
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Another picture of a T16 from the same unit and looks to be the same parade.

Photo was posted in a Facebook post.
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Jordan Baker
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