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Default Canadian CCW CCKW

As stated before the Canadians were using American CCW and CCKW in the Movie Colonel Blimp what Canadian units were stationed here during the filming
From a Movie review of the Movie
If that Census Number is correct (and it should be prefixed "L") then the GMC CCKW-353 is a Canadian vehicle as the Census Number is in the Canadian War Department batch, and strictly should be CL 4212377. The lorry in front seem to have the "CAUTION LEFT HAND DRIVE" stencilling on the tailgate as well as another Canadian Census Number. If that's Gerrard's Cross, then they may have "borrowed" some Canadian troops or vehicles from HAYMILL CAMP, on the Burnham Road, near the Slough Trading Estate.
also stated//////////
Oh now there's a name! The Masseys had dealings in the early days of the automobile in Canada. However I noticed that there were some differences between the lorries, e.g. the lead one has a Census Number on the bonnet/hood, whereas the next doesn't, and there are differences in the tailgate stencilling. If they were indedd Canadian vehicles and troops, then there use is down to a call to Canadian Military HQ in the then former Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada building in 2,3 & 4 Cockspur Street, SW1, behind the Canadian High Commission. There were Canadian troops as I said a short distance away and they would be otherwise kicking their heels...depending on whether this was before or after Dieppe!

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