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Old 20-03-14, 03:33
Peter Duggan Peter Duggan is offline
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Default Lynx II, hull # 4225

I have just brought home a Lynx II with a build date of November 44. The Lynx will be a long term restoration project and I will be seeking lots of advice and potential sources of parts from fellow MLU members.

The machine was cut in half when it was "demilitarized" and is missing both fuel tanks and the armoured sponsons that contain them. Well weathered and rusty, but other than that it is relatively intact.

I wish to thank all the members of MLU who encouraged my dream to find a CMP project and Giorgio for making it happen.

Peter Duggan, Cherry Valley, ON

photo - Copy (2).jpg
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Old 20-03-14, 07:09
super dave super dave is offline
Dave Good
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Will be looking forward to your rebuild
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Old 20-03-14, 11:21
lynx42 lynx42 is offline
Rick Cove
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Peter, Congratulations on your Lynx and welcome to the Lynx Owners Club.

There are not too many of us out there. In fact I would like to know just how many belong to MLU members ( or others as well.)

You have listed the hull number as 4225. There has been a bit of discussion lately as to the actual number built and the answer seems to be 3255.Can-Lynx-1-DennisBerkin.jpg

So I am interested in coming to the correct number made and how your hull is 970 above the suggested number.

My Lynx is a Canadian Scout Car Lynx I MkIII* Hull number 1726 built April 1943. It was the last registered of the 170 which came to Australia during WWII. ARN 123980.We have just about finished the restoration and I am about to put up a thread on the restoration.

Regards Rick
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Old 21-03-14, 08:24
Doug Lavoie Doug Lavoie is offline
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Great to see you have the Lynx safely tucked away. You are among a great group of people. Hope the project brings you many hours of fun and enjoyment.
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Old 21-03-14, 08:30
rob love rob love is offline
carrier mech
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Location: Shilo MB, the armpit of Canada
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A very nice piece. I am envious. Congrats.
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Old 22-03-14, 05:28
Rob Fast Rob Fast is offline
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Default Congatulations on bring this one back to Canada

All I can say is beautiful. Cheers Rob Fast
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Old 13-04-16, 04:04
Peter Duggan Peter Duggan is offline
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Location: Cherry Valley, ON
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Default Latest and some family history


I was inspired by Peter Mossong's post and decided to share some of my family history.
The first picture is of my father, Herrick Duggan, who served overseas from 1939 to 1945, with the 1st Survey Regiment in Sicily, Italy and NW Europe. It appears to be a training exercise "somewhere in England." Any help in determining the models of the CMPs would be appreciated. The last two include my son, Patrick Duggan, who served with the P.P.C.L.I., in Bosnia in 1993.


2016-04-08 09.49.05 (2).jpg

2016-04-09 00.00.14 (3).jpg 2016-04-08 10.14.48 (2).jpg
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Old 13-04-16, 10:55
Hanno Spoelstra's Avatar
Hanno Spoelstra Hanno Spoelstra is offline
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Great pics of your family!

The trucks are a 15-cwt 4x4, followed by a 8-cwt 4x2 truck - neither of which I can see if it is a Ford or Chev

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