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Default Buried Mk 1 Bren carrier restoration

I am transfering more photos to my computer and thought I would post my Bren gun carrier recovery and restoration.The carriers (5 in total) were lined up on a beach to stop the waves from eroding the shoreline and threatening a log home back in the early 1960's.They were then covered with dirt and eventually trees were planted and large rock to assist in stabilizing the shoreline.The carriers became redundant and stayed underground until the Prairie Command president and vice president at the time followed up on the rumours of there being carriers there.They can add more to the whole story but this is #3 carrier which I was able to keep and restore.
There was a reporter there to do a story for the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper;

There are 5 carriers buried underneath the shovel in the ground;

After digging out all the dirt in and around the carrier to lift it out,this is the #3 carrier of the excavation;

The #4 carrier had to be removed first to get to my carrier;

The loader could not lift the carriers out of the hole so he dragged them out one at a time;

Once the #4 carrier was removed, the #3 carrier came out.Notice the sand beach in the bottom of the hole.That is how deep the fill was;

You can see the weight involved by looking at the loader tires;

After a bit of a struggle,the carrier was removed;

After a hard days work,Prairie Command members Rob Love,Gord Falk and myself are ready to haul away our treasure;
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