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Old 08-11-21, 13:51
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Default Canadian staff cars: Light Cars, Heavy Cars and Station Wagons

The objective of this thread is to pull together all the information on MLU Forum or elsewhere pertaining the procurement, manufacturing and use of Canadian Light Cars, Heavy Cars and Station Wagons - often referred to as "staff cars".

The AEDB Design Record mentions:
"In a very limited quantity, Commercial Sedans were produced to Specifications which required minor modifications for their Military Role. (...)
Likewise, Station Wagons were also produced, in which case special Military Size Tyres were used as well as Commercial Type, depending on the User's demands. The subsequent production of C.M.P. Personnel Carrier reduced the demand for Station Wagons in Active Theatre Operations to a negligible quantity. (...)"
Note: if anyone has access to the references quoted in this text, I would lke to hear from you.
Design_Record_Volume _4_Self_Propelled_Mechanical_Transport_Chassis_0165.jpg
So, depending on the degree of modification to suit the User's demands, these vehicles are to be regarded part of the Conventional or Modified Conventional Vehicle (or: Commercial) classes as described in the link.

As per the 1944 Vehicle Data Book we learn the Canadian Army Overseas used the following types of cars:
  • Car, Light, Sedan, 4x2
  • Station Wagon
  • Car, Heavy, 4x2

More later as and when time permits - in the meantime, if you can add to this topic, please do so!
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