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Default M-Gator

Here is a vehicle you don't see in Canada much, an M-Gator. These were a vehicle John Deere produced by beefing up their commercial gator and adding things like the stretcher rack, blackout lighting, pintle hitch, and rifle brackets. It of course came in a military green. The Cdn military had them in Afghanistan, but on closeout they were sold off or destroyed in theater, depending on their condition and pedigree.

This one was a 2007 model, and appears to have spent most of it's life with the tac hel sqn in Edmonton. It went over to Mali in 2018, and in the past 3 or 4 years, seems to have spent it's last years in service waiting for parts. Since the parts for the M-gators were not nationally procured, it fell onto the units to spend their funds, so if a vehicle was a bit of a luxury, then they may not get fixed until funds become available. That seems to have been the fate of this one.

It showed up on CADC about a week or so ago, and I knew I must have it. I sold the wife on the idea since it will be good for her gardening and yardwork. Bidding did not go high, and once over, I had Superdave pick it up for me. I did a quick 2-1/2 day round trip and it is now home.

I pulled the cargo box off it today so I can start to get a better idea of what it needs. Something else I picked up from Edmonton was 4 MLVW engine stands that I got for a song from CADC....perfect for the cargo box to roll it around.

The list of parts is lengthy, and there were a few jury rig repairs that I will do properly. So for a start it needs batteries, tires, a hazard light switch, 3 fenders (why do they cost 50% more if they are in olive drab), seats, a clutch and belt, paint and decals. If I were to order all that from John Deere, it would end up costing me twice what I paid for the gator, so I'll be scouring the net for some cheaper/aftermarket alternatives. I hope to have it up and running by the end of June.
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