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Default Gregg family visit to The Netherlands

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting Andrew E.M. Gregg and Charlotte Gregg, son and granddaughter of the well-known CMP collector and writer Bill Gregg (RIP). We talked about CMP trucks, the liberation of the Netherlands, veterans and the Dutch-Canadian connection. New friendships were made and plans for the future shared. Yesterday wasn’t the day for it, but the promise to take Charlotte on her first drive in a Ford CMP truck stands. Thanks Andrew and Charlotte!

Andrew E.M. Gregg wrote:
When my brothers and I were young our father Dr. Bill Gregg amassed a huge collection of Canadian military vehicles from the Second World War. By the time he was done there were over 60 jeeps, tanks, armoured trucks, etc. By 1988 it was too large to remain a private collection, so it was shipped to a new home CFB Shilo in Manitoba.
Dad's intent was to tell the story of Canada's industrial contribution to the war -- a country of 11 million designed and produced over 800,000 machines. Key among them was the unique "snub-nose" design of the CMP - Canadian Military Pattern truck.
Yesterday just outside of Leiden in the Netherlands my daughter Charlotte got to sit in a restored CMP, belonging to Hanno Spoelstra. Hanno had my Dad's book and said it was "the bible" for collectors in Europe. The Dutch have restored and preserved a veritable fleet of Canadian vehicles -- they represent the Canadian liberation of the Netherlands.
Brought back a tonne of memories. Thanks Hanno!

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Default Gregg Family Visit

How fortunate you were that members of the Gregg family were able to visit! Bill was one of the founding fathers of CMP collecting in Canada and for those that own copies, his publications are "the Bible" for collectors over here as well.
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The wife in the retired couple across the street mentioned her father's service in the Black Watch in WW2, how he'd been LOB during the attack on Verrières Ridge, and reluctantly promoted Sgt when the battalion was rebuilt with replacements, then relinquished his rank to go back to the Carrier Platoon (the necessary MLU armour reference). I remembered a Prof. Terry Copp book on that particular infantry brigade and loaned it to her. She was overjoyed! There was so much more in that one book than she'd found elsewhere, and she ordered copies for her children. The lesson is clear, we enthusiasts often walk around with lots of knowledge that we might believe is well understood, but sometimes the people who have a need to know are oblivious to that source or those conversations.
Terry Warner

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Default Jim Parks

Charlotte Gregg wrote:
amazing last few days spent with the Canadian Liberators of the Netherlands, 98 year old veteran Jim Parks, celebrating Dutch Remembrance Day and Liberation Day on May 4th and 5th. Jim is one of the last remaining D-Day vets, and the only one who could make the trip over to Friesland this year.
Also see the thread Canadian liberator returns to Appingedam, Holland

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Thank you for the very interesting posts about both the Gregg family visit and veteran Jim Parks. Sadly much of this history is lost on Canadian youth.
There are still many collectors, and MV enthusiasts in Canada and the US, that fondly remember the charismatic Bill Gregg, and the collection amassed by both himself and his wife. (With special tip of the hat to Stew Robertson)
Many of us attended the CMP Seminar in July 1984 (Including Ed Storey) and wish we had the chance to go back in time and ask all of the questions we now have to that distinguished panel of speakers. I enjoyed sitting and chatting with Sid Swallow at the RHMI dinner that Saturday night.
I encourage members of the Gregg family to touch base with the OMVA and attend one of our several annual get togethers where I feel the membership would be delighted to match Hanno's generous offer to drive a CMP or other historic Canadian vehicle. I am sure there are lots of great stories to be shared and recounted !
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