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Old 30-08-09, 05:46
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Default Hello and a few questions

First off my name is Ron and I'm a model builder currently of the 1/6th scale size. The older I get the harder the small stuff got so now I'm into the bigger scale. As you folks have seen Harold, a friend, made a scale model of the Bren or Universal Carrier. I got his hull number 2 and am in the process of detailing it.

In researching this vehicle and reading all your comments I too will be building a Mk I upgrade as you call it. However, I am getting confused by a few things and would appreciate some more guidance.

As I interpret things the Mk I had a black and white speedometer, fold down triangular panel upper left of the gun port and side panels with no edging. The Mk II had no fold down panel and round pipe or tube covering the side panel edges a different speedometer and more engine guages.

Some carriers had 1 headlight while others had 2. The later versions it appears stored a bogey wheel up front while the older version had none.

Basically what I would like to know is what physical differences were there between the Mk I and Mk II, are my statements correct so far etc??

Would someone perchance happen to have some good straight on pictures of the dash panel guages for each version so I can make some scale artwork for them as well as any placards/stenciling it (dash panel) may also have or should have.

Oh, almost forgot, just how do the front seats work?? Are some fixed or do they raise up somehow???

I hate to spend a ton of money on research books for a one time project so I'm hopeing you folks can help. It will be much appreciated, I guarantee!

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Old 30-08-09, 13:07
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Hi Ron if you look at my build thread here on page 4 about a third of the way down you can see the seat mounting mechanism as well as the sterring linkage.
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Old 01-09-09, 10:39
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Richard Harrison
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on my Mk1 build thread there are some clear pics of the seat mechanisms etc if it helps
is mos redintegro

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Old 01-09-09, 16:54
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Ron, pretty much everything you have asked about is already on this forum a few times over. Just start reading through the past topics and you will overload yourself with info.
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Old 02-09-09, 09:12
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Jordan that's my problem! system overload!
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Old 02-09-09, 12:46
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Default Ron

I believe the black and white speedo is a Mk2. I think the Mk1 had a black background

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So many questions....
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Old 03-09-09, 08:51
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Here is one dilema.

As I understand it the Mk I instrument panel has a black speedo and 2 guages on the inboard side.

The Mk II has the black and white speedo and 4 guages on the inboard side.

And then I find this which to my mind is a Mk I instrument panel with a Mk II speedo

I guess as always anything goes in war as far as replacement parts go. So when converting the Mk I to an Upgrade it would be a Mk I No. 2. Correct??

What original Mk I parts were deleted and what Mk II parts were added??
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