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Default Restoration References from Photo Archives

In a recent thread under the Carrier Forum, the subject of using photo archives as a starting off point in one's MV restoration project came up. This is something that can be extremely useful, but the trick is knowing exactly where to look for the photos you need for your project.

There are probably bits and pieces scattered throughout the MLU Forum over the years, but perhaps bringing it all together under one thread would be more effective (and save Hanno a few long nights in front of his computer chasing relevant topics down for consolidation).

Wartime military vehicle production was international in scope, so nationality seems to be as good a starting point as any for assembling photo collection references.


- Ford seems to have kept a very detailed photo library of the Universal Carriers it manufactured. I have a dozen or more and the entire set may run into the low hundreds or more. All bore a photo reference number, which may have been tied to a file of written descriptions for each photo. Several sets of the photos seem to have survived, but I am not sure of the total completeness of the survivors. Did Ford keep similar photo files of their CMP and wheeled armour production during the war as well?

- GM of Canada???

- Chrysler Canada???

- FWD of Canada???

United States

I have seen a number of production photos over the years of work in progress on various assembly lines, but never any vehicle specific photos. Does anyone know if manufacturers kept detailed files and where they might survive today?

United Kingdom

I am not aware of individual manufacturers vehicle photo libraries, but an interesting set of photos appears to have been kept by either the MOD or the Ministry of Supply during the war possibly documenting all vehicles received under each Supply Contract the government placed during the war. The photos consist of a front, sides, rear and interior shot of a representative vehicle from each contract. The photo has a small sign board on the ground in each shot showing the name of the vehicle and the contract number it was built under. Can any of our UK members enlighten us on how detailed this library is, who developed it and where it might survive today?

Australia and New Zealand

Did any vehicle manufacturers here keep photo libraries of their production? Did the government? And where might they be accessed today?

Best regards,

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