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Old 30-06-10, 17:03
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Default on-line references...

Do we have, somewhere within this astute group of knowledgable, imagiative, resourceful and driven group of eminent worthies, a new stock number for a gasket (rebuild) kit for the MB/GPW/M38 engines?

Hows about replacement filter numbers? Shock absorbers? brake pads and rebuild kits?

Could we establish a file on this site with modern part numbers for all of our vehicles?

just a thought..

Charles Fitton
Maryhill On.,

too many carriers
too many rovers
not enough time.
(and now a BSA...)
(and now a Triumph TRW...)
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Old 01-07-10, 00:48
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I'm sure the band of brothers over on can help?!?
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Old 01-07-10, 04:35
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Just have the common MB/GPW substitution list, whcih has been around for years:

And take look at G503 as mentioned.

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