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Old 12-03-06, 05:52
Stefan Wieclawek Stefan Wieclawek is offline
Stefan Wieclawek
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Default CMP's in the bush

Hello all,

While on vacation last week I visited a friend of a friend and came across the CMP's in the attached photo.

I was allowed to take a picture by the owner but not tell where they are. There were a lot more on the property including two carriers. I hope to take pictures of the rest next time I visit my friend.

I fear that these old fellows may be doomed to the rust devil as the owner does not want to part with these or any of the others.
Perhaps in time I can convince him of the need to preserve these vehicles.

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Old 12-03-06, 10:04
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aka C. Mark Perry (CMP)
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Dang, a HUP, and with some parts I could use. It's the old story, trucks sit and rust into the ground while the owner figures he's sitting on gold mine.
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Old 15-03-06, 04:45
Bob Carriere Bob Carriere is offline
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Default MLU CSI.......

Sherlock says........

Not near St Catherine unless the pictures are older than last week.... were in Canada would you see green ferns on the ground in Mid March...... rainforest on the West coast???

No vestige of ice or hard pack snow under the vehicles....

License plate unreadable...... hum......

Plenty of very vibrant evergreens... and big one to....

A real shame though........

Bob C.
Bob Carriere....B.T.B
C15a Cab 11
Hammond, Ontario
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