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Old 13-05-06, 21:39
Garry Shipton (RIP) Garry Shipton (RIP) is offline
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Default George Bush/Condi Rice conversation !!

Overheard in the Oval Office
G:Condi,nice to see you.What's happening?
C:Sir,I have the report about the new leader of China.
G:Great,lay it on me. C:Hu is the new leader of China.
G:That's what I want to know C:That's what I'm telling you.
G:That's what I'm asking you.Who is the new leader? C;Yes
G:I mean the fellow's name. C:HU. G:The guy in China. C: Hu.
G:The new leader of China C; HU. G; The chairman !
C:Hu is leading China. G:Now whaddya asking me for?
C:I'm telling you.Hu is leading China
G:Well I'm asking you.Who is leading China??C:That's the man's name.
G:That;s who's name? C;Yes.
G:Will you or will you NOT tell me the name of the new leader?
C: Yes sir.G: Yassir?Yassir Arafat is in China?I thought he was in the middle east? C:That's correct. G:Then who is in China?
C:Yes sir. G:Yassir is in China ?? C:No sir. G:Then who is?
C: Yes sir. G:Yassir ?? C; No sir
G: Look Condi,I need to know the name of the new leader in China.Get me the Secretary General of the UN on the phone.
C: Kofi ? G: No thanks. C:You want Kofi ?? G:No but now that you mention it,I could use a glass of milk.And then get me the UN.C: Yes sir. G:Not Yassir !The guy at the UN. C:Kofi?
G: Milk !Will you please make the call? C:And call who??
G: Who is the guy at the UN ?? C:Hu is the guy in China.
G: Will you stay out of China ?? C: Yes sir. G:And stay out of the middle east.Just get me the guy at the UN. C: Kofi ??
G: Allright ! With cream and two sugars.Now get on the phone.
C; Rice here. G:Rice?Good idea,and a couple of egg rolls too!Maybe we should send some to the guy in China and the middle east.Can you get Chinese food in the middle east ??

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Old 16-05-06, 22:51
Ponysoldier Ponysoldier is offline
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Default Sounds Like

Sounds like George..For what ever reason he always comes
off sounding like he is as dumb as box of rocks.
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