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Old 19-09-22, 04:27
r.morrison r.morrison is offline
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Default Helpful ID needed.....

Gentlemen: Hoping all is well. I have been asked to get some imformation on some manuals recently showing up on a friend of a friend's estate. Not the greatest manual expert, I've never seen these before and the photos speak for themselves. They are printed by The Chrysler Corporation of Canada, Windsor Ontario. Copyrighted 1943 and printed Sept 1944. There are 7 books, about 50 pages and up. They contain photos and drawings. The books are printed in the following sections:

1/ Steering and Front end
2/ Rear Axle
3/ Brakes and Shock Absorbers
4/ Engine Reconditioning
5/ The Electrical System
6/ Fuel System and Engine Tune up
7/ Clutch, Transmission and Universal Joints

They are in very very good shape with a few pencil notes in some of the books. A value would also be helpful.
Many thanks for your time.....Robert
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Old 19-09-22, 05:58
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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They look like the course training notes used by Chrysler when they trained Canadian Army Instructors on these vehicles.

Ford of Canada produced similar publications for the Universal Carrier. If I recall correctly, the Ford training was a two part affair. The first part was a tour of the assembly line to see how the vehicles were built and then the step by step training similar to what Chrysler has done with these publications.

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Old 19-09-22, 18:22
Ed Storey Ed Storey is offline
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Default Chrysler Army Training Programme

There appears to have been at least two editions of this manual series. The well-used examples in my collection are from 1941.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Chrysler Army Training Programme - Unit No. 2 - Fuel System, Engine Tune-Up - 1941.jpg
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Old 20-09-22, 04:41
r.morrison r.morrison is offline
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Default More photos.....

Ed: I'll post some more photos later in the week. David, thanks for your insight to the posting.
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Old 10-10-22, 21:44
rob love rob love is online now
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I just happened on my collection of them and there are at least 7 volumes. I have vol 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. Mine are also dated 1944 like Robert's.
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