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Old 30-03-04, 04:57
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Default Canada's New Militia Truck !

Had a good look at our militia's new light truck at Base Borden last week. Also saw another at the Chev dealers lot in Alliston, Ontario, the same day. Price sticker in the truck window says Cdn$49k. Wonder if I can buy one ?

Seating for four (only), rifle racks inside, also radio base between rear seats, radio antenae mount visible in the photo, glass/wire rack between cab and rear box, window in rear tailgate door.
Rear bed is 6' not 8'. Not much ground clearance.

Robert in Toronto
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Old 30-03-04, 08:32
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Good Grief!!! I thought we had gotten through and away from that plastic junk with the final passing of the Chev 1/14 ton. At one time an edict was issued by our support base that no non SMP vehs were to go off road because the body work repairs cost too much. Wait for this lemon to cost three times as much in future repairs than it would have cost just buying a HumV!! I hope it's a diesel at least. GAGGG.

Here we go in bull low,
stuck in four wheel drive....
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Old 30-03-04, 22:37
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Default Design aesthetics

Perhaps they should go back to something a little more aesthetically pleasing...

Canadian Ford F8 with British Duple body
Film maker

42 FGT No8 (Aust) remains
42 FGT No9 (Aust)
42 F15
Keith Webb
Macleod, Victoria Australia
Also Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles group on Facebook
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Old 10-04-04, 21:50
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Yeah,I saw the meatheads driving one at CFB London the other day.Thought it was some rednecks Canadian Tire Spraycan project until I saw the MP's inside.Looks like a dept of Lands and Forests Rig....Figures:
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