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Old 31-03-22, 00:38
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Default Bedford MWR

There is a frame on the floor of the MWR to the right of the operator. I donít think itís for a Battery but has anyone an idea of what was stowed there?

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Old 01-04-22, 01:37
Chris Suslowicz Chris Suslowicz is offline
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The proportions look right for a battery. If you have exact measurements the post-WW2 metal-cased batteries are the same size as the earlier wooden ones, so it should be possible to check the size used.

That layout has the primary battery boxes shown (behind the set), so would be for WS11. It's possible the spare battery was intended for the HP set only.

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Old 01-04-22, 03:17
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Default Maybe

The MW depicted in the drawing has the later cab with half doors so the drawing appears to describe a post 1941/42 configuration. In that case the radio would possibly be more likely to be a 19 set ?

The internal diagram or layout includes what looks like a 19 set radio tray/frame but I am not 100% sure. Yes it does look like a battery frame on the floor which the 11 set setup did have. Confusing !

The drawing appears to be a artists impression and maybe it is not a diagram from a published WO manual . Quite often these depictions of vehicles are done by modelling magazines and some degree of 'poetic license' is introduced into the illustrations. Might be one of Mike Conniford's books ?
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Old 01-04-22, 08:49
simon king simon king is offline
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The drawing is contemporary - from the Armyís Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles. MWR detail pictures are relatively few and far between but that frame might just be seen on the floor next to the operators seat.
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