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Old 22-06-22, 05:33
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Default Wvcg

This is a message for Phil Waterman.

Hi Phil
I was wondering if you would send me an email please, so I can reply to you regarding the magazine "Bartread" You will recall I am the Editor/publisher for the WVCG. (WARTIME VEHICLES CONSERVATION GROUP). and previously sent you a copy. I am currently working on our next issue, which includes a story of a group of our members crossing the "Simpson Desert". East to West" in the Australian outback In their WWII Willys and Ford Jeeps. A great feat for those old vehicles. trip desrt and 1000 sand dunes. I was wondering if you would like me to still forward you a copy. I have lost your details when my computer failed.

Hanno. My apologies for using this forum, but I could think of no other way to forward Phil my message.
Anthony (Tony) VAN RHODA.
Strathalbyn. South Australia
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Old 22-06-22, 14:13
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There's an email address for Phil on his (excellent) website (at the bottom of the page).
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Old 22-06-22, 14:25
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Default Mailing Address Sent

Hi Tony

Private message sent, but it is not showing in my message list on MLU so not sure if it went through. Just for fun try sending a PM on MLU, let's check that the system.

My email listed below should work for direct email.

Cheers Phil
Phil Waterman
`41 C60L Pattern 12
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`45 HUP
New e-mail
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