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Default BESA mount details

Does anyone have a good set of photos for BESA mountings and their associated parts. I have made up some stand in parts but need to get something a bit more correct in form for a proper final job.

There are three parts that I'm concerned with.

The dovetail on the mounting has a fixed side (left) and a moving side at the right. That has two screws associated with it. One that is a 1/4" BSF that also has a spring associated with it for holding the movable dovetail back.

The second is the 5/16" BSF screw that clamps that movable dovetail down.

The third is the bar that locks the dovetail from the below area. It, as best as I could discern has a bar through it on the right side to allow movement through 90 degrees and a flat side associated with it. Presumably this is not actually a bolt but is actually a bar with a handle on it. I have made this with a bold of the right size 3/4" with a flat area ground down on it to allow for the besa's cut out across the dovetail to match with the locking bar in one of it's two positions. Of course it's a 3/4" SAE coarse with a large nut and spring on the left side to as that was what I had for parts readily available. When I get a better idea of its proper form, I'll make a new one that has the same profile and thread it for the proper thread.

So, anyone have a photo of the relevant parts handy?
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