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Old 28-04-19, 15:56
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Default John Forsey RIP

I Heard today that John (Blackpowder44) died yesterday. I haven't noticed him on the forum for a while, but last time I was at his place a few months back, he still had his UC MK2* (One of the ones that was taken brand new from a crate)

I'll miss his long phone calls about all and nothing!! Ron
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Old 28-04-19, 16:26
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Very sad news. I first met John a couple of years back when I looked at buying his Carrier. He was more than happy to show me around his collection and regale me with all the places he had driven his Jeep around Europe. He inspired me to get out and use mine more.
By Skill and by Fighting
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Old 29-04-19, 09:38
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Default RIP John "Blackpowder" Forsey


Thanks for letting us know. I am saddened to hear about John's passing. I did not know him personally, but I do know he had a large collection of vehicles taken over from Bapty's film hire used in A Bridge Too Far. This included the ex-Bart Vanderveen C8A HUA, which has since passed through the hands of various MLU members.

He was last active on MLU in June 2018 and I have now set his profile to "RIP". He has now joined the ranks of other reputable MLU members who are resting in peace.

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Old 11-03-24, 18:30
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Default John Forsey's Schwimmwagen?

Who knows where John Forsey's Schwimmwagen ended up?

If you can help Gail, please contact her via email directly.

My name is Gail Ramsey, my husband Winston Ramsey and I produced and published the After the Battle books and magazines for many years before retiring and selling to Pen & Sword. (So I am a real person not a scammer &#128522
I am contacting you as I can see that the late John Forsey was an active member of your Mapleleafup forum for many years. I wonder if anyone on your forum has any idea where the Schwimmwagen John Forsey sold around late 2006 early 2007 on Milweb has ended up?
John Forsey originally purchased this vehicle from our good friend Andrew Mollo - the well known Military uniform expert - who is trying to trace who has it now.
I understand that in this day and age of privacy laws you will be prevented form passing on individualís information so please feel free to pass on my email address to the relevant person if you do find them and I will be happy to hear from them.
Thank you for your time today and for the wonderful work your group does to keep like minded people connected.

Kind regards
Gail Ramsey
Battle of Britain International Limited
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