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Old 02-11-20, 22:13
Paul D Harrison Paul D Harrison is offline
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Default Old Dodge Power Wagon 1977

Saw this on KIJIJI, looks like a decent truck.
Even has a spare truck to go with it.

I do not know the seller, so you need to contact him for more info.

I hope this is the right place to put this.
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Old 02-11-20, 23:26
maple_leaf_eh maple_leaf_eh is offline
Terry Warner
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Default Power Wagon

Interesting provenance. I didn't know the Americans were using Dodges. Learn something new every day.
Terry Warner

74-????? M151A2 plated and on the road
70-08876 M38A1 ready for the road
53-71233 M100CDN trailer manufactured by MCI ready for the road

Wow! All three green beasties run!
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Old 02-11-20, 23:35
rob love rob love is offline
carrier mech
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I believe those are the M880, which preceeded the CUCV. We ran a similar Dodge for the militia...ours were a little earlier, 1974 if I recall correctly.
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