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Default CFR number assistance appreciated

Hi , I have 3 of my M38 Cdns that need CFR # help if possible

F100193 [Date of Delivery missing as orig plate not available but full ownership paperwork remains ] currently ground up restored .

F100612 Date of Delivery 4-30-52 [currently rescued in peices]

F102127 date of Delivery 2-25-53 [yes- clear as a bell feb,25th,1953] -dont know if it had been held up or ? but data plates all there ,orig and clear as a bell -rescued it from a CFB Petawawa soldier who had obtained it ,went back overseas and sold it to me........[kinda adjusts the general last known researched delivery date] Cdn Govt Licensed ,as far back as can be searched, as a 53 Ford M38 - CFR frame horn stamp ground illegible .... Jeep solid steel and an easy resto candidate....

Any help appreciated
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Old 21-02-10, 18:51
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Jeep-Livin! -

Unfortunately the resources I have searched in the past only have 1x 1952 M-38 and 5x 1953 M-38's, none of which are matching your serial numbers. The 6 Jeeps were all ceremonial parade Jeeps that had the chrome grab handles, red carpet and body modifications likely making them ugly enough to differentiate from your regular working Jeep. Someone else may have the info you require hopefully. Cheers,

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