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Old 15-06-24, 20:57
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Default ATTA Request to DND

Hi Guys,
How does one go about requesting a canadian vehicle history report from DND? Is there a online site that you can go to to request the history, and what is the cost? Thanks
Richard Mix
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CFR 67-07832
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Old 16-06-24, 14:47
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Default CFR check

I'll jump in. For a while the vehicle maintenance data was available on line within DND. Maybe ten years ago that changed. Some guys copied blocks of records whenever they could, but the detailed access is gone. Even back then, the records were sparing in detail.

Secondly, Canadian registrations are five digits. Over time, those numbers get overwritten. My 1974 registered M151A2 could have been something like 09723, 24 or 25. The vehicle was scrapped in the late 1980s, so there is no requirement for a working database to preserve those numbers. Number 09723 could be assigned to a 5km trailer mounted generator now.
Terry Warner

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Old 16-06-24, 16:49
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If you look up access to information it details the process. But one of the first things it lists is that you are a canadian citizen or business. Your cfr information may still exist in their databases, or may have been overwritten.
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