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Old 06-11-19, 04:20
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Ian Cooper
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Default C42 in M38

I am going through a box that I acquired that contains from first glance, a complete C42 set. I have a number of questions.
The included manual is Operators Handbook, Radio Station C42, Truck Utility 1/4 ton CDN dated 1960. It appears that the set was in a M38. Questions:
are the resilient mounts (rubber blocks) shorter than the J1 box and the 4 Way No. 4?
The mounting NBW (nut, bolt, washer) for the J1 box and the 4 Way No. 4 are 1/2". The manual says 5/16"x11/4".
There are four "washers". They are like a mini coil. What are they for?
The set has a base and a carrier frame as in the manual. Page 8 indicates " position assembled radio set on runners engaging dowels at rear. Secure with two hand clamps at front." These runners and clamps are not present.
A large 27 1/2"x13 1/2" mounting plate did come with the set. It is stamped 5820-21-850-5914.
A spare tire mount for the ATU also came in the box. I am thinking that the set may have been in a M38 at one time, but for some reason changes were made which would account for the large mounting plate.
Photos attached.
Comments welcome.
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Old 06-11-19, 05:46
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Ian Cooper
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 33
Default C42 in M38

Attachments didn't work first time.
Hopefully they will this time.
Attached Thumbnails
IMG_1356.jpg   IMG_1357.jpg  
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Old 06-11-19, 08:28
Russell Boaler Russell Boaler is offline
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Default mystery washers

If I'm not mistaken those mystery washers will be located under the front securing clamps that you mentioned. They put some tension on the clamp to prevent it from working loose over time.
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Old 12-11-19, 23:44
Eric B Eric B is offline
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Default C42 info for m38

Hello Ian

There are some photos and information on the c42 in m38/m38a1 in:

Wanted: Canadian Manual for C42/C45 Installation in M38A1

The tray replaced the earlier mount which was bolted to the fender directly.

Collecting data on the WW2 Canadian jeep and trailer.
Serial, WD Numbers etc.
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Old 13-11-19, 00:04
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carrier mech
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Those large mounting trays are what I remember in the M38A1s back in the late 70s when I joined.
Those washers are, I believe, called a thackery washer. Seems to me there are some located on the top and bottom trays of the radio set on those brackets that lock the transmitter and power supply unit into place.

I have some of the original mounting brackets out in the shed waiting for a suitable project. I also have a couple of C42 sets waiting for the same.
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