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Old 13-04-18, 12:00
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Default Mk1 Spitfire rebuild

I was watching the Mk1 Spitfire rebuild on TV with Guy Martin. Martin has a rather annoying way of expressing himself , he talks so fast and he always has a smug look on his face. They let Martin do some of the riveting and other jobs, he seemed to be the centre of the attention , in front of the camera constantly.

The head build engineer said the new propeller assembly cost 150,000 pounds, It was made from scratch. They made the wings by hand using old fashioned manual tools , jigs and mallets to shape the skin panels . They showed the special engine mount tapered bolts being ground to size.

It was interesting to watch but I wish they had filmed the show without the 'celebrity' being involved in it. He had his face popping up in just about every scene shot. Even the test pilot was giving Martin credit for doing such a fine job Huh all Martin did was turn up every few months and tighten a few bolts and smile at the camera

They mentioned the special rivets and the annealing process for the rivets, I wish they had done more of that
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Old 13-04-18, 16:54
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Default The Vulcan doco also

I agree Mike, Guy Martin is difficult to watch. The enjoyment of the Last Flight of the Avro Vulcan is similarly diminished by Guy Martin's inane talking. The saving grace for me was the superb aerial footage in both documentaries.

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Old 14-04-18, 08:54
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What is Guy Martinís claim to fame?

I donít understand why he presents these shows?
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Old 14-04-18, 17:34
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Maybe some merciful individual could screen record the show, then edit out the blabbermouth, then repost it somewhere. Is that legal?
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Old 16-04-18, 14:08
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He is a motor bike racing guy, he is well known in the UK for that.
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