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Default 25 pounder backing plates question

I'm working on restoring one of my 25 pounders, and I have a question about the brake backing plates. There are four flathead machine screws that go through the plate and are held on by four nuts, leaving about an inch of exposed thread. On mine, they have been bent a bit. The heads do not protrude inside the plates, so they are not for a rubbing surface for the shoes. The parts manual, while it shows them, does not give part numbers or descriptions for them.

The only thing I have come across that might explain them is in the ordnance handbook. It talks about the backing plate having a mud scraper secured to each cover plate by two bolts with spring washers and nuts. Is that what these screws are for?

My temptation at this point is to cut them flush to the nuts and forget about them.
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Rob .

I'm sure the mud scrapers are the same as fitted to the no 27 limber and most had them fitted ,do you have a limber you can compare the backplates against ?


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Just went and looked, and no doubt the bolts are there for the mud scrapers from the limber . I looked up the mud scrapers (near and far) in the manual, and it only refers to the it's safe to assume the mud scraper was not used on the guns themselves? I note the back plate for the limber is the same as the back plate for the earlier model of hub as also used on the gun (no19mk1 hub).

I also see in the group of part numbers for the scrapers, the numbers for the 4 bolts, nuts and washers. I will be cutting the bolts flush with nuts at the backing plates....that will be four less items to get fouled, or to cut my hands on while reaching in behind the wheels.

I think I can consider this mystery solved. Thanks Rob.
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