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Default Post WW2 Radios


Not strictly a vehicle question, but does anyone know when the C42/C45 etc family were replaced by the PRC-25, VRC-46 etc in the Canadian Army? I know the Honest Johns were still using the C45 in 1970.

Follow-up - does anyone know what radios were mounted in the M577 command posts - not just artillery - and the M109 Howitzers?


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The C42s were gone from the regular army in the early to mid 70s. They remained in use with the militia until 1980. I know this date because the last job I did in the reserves was to carefully wrap up all the pieces and cables and turn them back to supply. We spent weeks preparing all the kit for turn in, and I remember the old civilian at supply joking with us that we wasted out time over-preparing the stuff cause at best it would end up as foreign aid in some third world country. I remember him saying something like: See that cable there? Some coffee farmer will be leading his donkey with it.
I went to Borden with the regular force the next week, and when I got home 6 months later, sure enough, there were all the cables, condition tags still hanging off them, laying in the mud at the mil scrapyard.
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I worked in the command posts when I was in Germany in 72 -75 and were using the RT 524 qty 4. This was in 1R22eR and was used in c/s 0, 0A and the Int section M577. When I was at the Artillery Scool in Gagetown all the M109s were equipped with the 524. But this was at the school and not with a fiield unit. Gilles
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