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Old 04-02-19, 09:01
Wayne Henderson Wayne Henderson is offline
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Default Unusual UK Desert Uniform

Trying to find out the background or use of this UK Uniform.
Made of light weight cloth, no labels, a Union Jack shoulder patch and the pants have a cord waist.
Was suggested it was dyed as an "enemy uniform" for training purposes.
On closer inspection of the stitching and button tags, this was made from this coloured material, and not dyed.

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Old 07-02-19, 12:25
Wayne Henderson Wayne Henderson is offline
Member since 1998
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Western Australia
Posts: 440
Default Some ideas so far

Too hot to work in the shed today so I came up with some possible ideas why the British Army would need bright orange Camo uniforms

I may not have taken my medication today...

The Queen’s Own Arsonists
This elite Regiment sets fire to everything in sight to become totally invisible, if not a little bit warm.

The Brexit Guards
Stand in front of the Chunnel and shoot anybody who is not wearing orange.

101st Royal Foot in Mouth
Neville in Procurement is colour blind.

Kings Safety Corps Dragoons
This progressive Regiment adheres to current safety practises. This uniform also features the yellow safety vest and pouch of safety cones. Weapons are not needed as conflict situations are resolved with positive dialog interaction and round table proactive safety meetings.

Special Air Freight Service
Secretive unit whose members infiltrate foreign countries hidden in crates of oranges.
Recognised by the pips on their shoulders.

Unintelligence Corps
It seemed like a good idea at the time and we have already spent the money.

Royal Army Mental Corps
The Senior Officers of this Regiment are proud of their fighting men and believe they should stand out in the field.
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Old 07-02-19, 15:25
David Dunlop David Dunlop is offline
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Whatever you’ve got, I’d like a dose, Wayne!

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