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Default Survey results.

The last OMVA mag. had a survey in it. Over 150 were mailed. 33 responded. Higher than normal surveys. Here's the results-
1. Should we increase dues $5.? OK 25 please don't 8.
We were just asking.
2.Do you own a MV? Yes 30 no 3.
3. Would you bring it to the Show? Yes 15. No 14.
Too far 11 Not running 3. No answer - 4
4.Will you submit articles? Yes 19 No 3 No ans. 11 (?)
5.Have you seen the OMVA website ?. Yes 14 No 17. No ans. 2
It's there it's good, have a look.
6.Have you visited the OMVA site on Maple Leaf Up? Yes 9 No 19
No ans 5. No interest 5, No computer 3
Wow! MLU is a great information site. Log in.
What new locations would you like for the Summer Show?
Anywhere in Toronto, Toronto Aerospace, Oshawa, Borden.
Would you like the Fall swap meet at Bordon?????
8.Would you volunteer to help with the meets? Yes 10 No 11 No ans 12 (?)
9.Would you be on the Executive? Yes 2 No 27. No ans 5
Having done this I can understand the replies. We will need some new people in January for sure.
10.Would you advertise on the OMVA website? Yes 13 No 10 No ans - 10. (?) I can't explain this. It's free, it's there for you.
11. What kit Shop items would you like? None 8 (??) Balance in order of preference, Parts for MV's,T shirts,flags, caps, patches.
What changes should be made to OMVA? NONE ! A universal answer.
12. What problems have you had with OMVA? NONE! Again a universal answer.
11 & 12 are excellent to see. The Executive works hard to keep things going and speaking on their behalf I appreciate this positive response.

Peter Simundson
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